Our Interests:

We're open to all voices, forms, and styles. Please send your best unpublished chapbooks, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, artwork, photography, graphic narratives, and comic strips.

Simultaneous Submissions:

We hope you're pursuing simultaneous submissions. Please withdraw your piece if accepted elsewhere. If this is the case, we offer you a big congratulations!

Multiple Submissions:

No problem. Send all you like.


Contributors receive a free copy and unlimited discounted copies of their issue, a bio and photo in the magazine, and the support of a caring and hardworking editor!

Response Time:

Currently: about a week. Palooka believes in having a fast turnaround while still taking great pride in giving each piece thorough consideration.

We take great pride in reading every word and giving each chapbook its due attention. We consider manuscripts of all styles and genres and aren't looking for a particular aesthetic. We'll give anything a fair chance. Please send your best fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, graphic narrative, or hybrid work. 

If Chosen for Publication:      

  • A perfect-bound book with a glossy or matte color cover
  • Considered for the Palooka Press Chapbook Award ($200 bonus honorarium) 
  • An honorarium
  • 20 free copies of your book
  • Your own bio/photo page featured on our website

Page Count: 25-100 pages, roughly.

Bio Section: Identify the manuscript as fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, graphic, or hybrid.

Multiple/Simultaneous: Send all you like. Please withdraw your manuscript if accepted elsewhere.

Citations: It's okay if some of the work has been previously published; proper citations will be made. 

Bonus: The submission comes with a digital copy of Palooka or a chapbook. See cover letter form.

Amount: One short story, a novel excerpt, or up to three flash pieces (combine into one document). 

Word Count: Up to 10,000 words. 

Amount: Up to five poems (combine into one document).

Amount: One essay, a book excerpt, or up to three flash essays (combine into one document). 

Word Count: Up to 10,000 words.

Artwork: Up to ten pieces—paintings, sketches, drawings, collage, mixed-media, etc.

Photography: Up to ten photographs.

Amount: One graphic narrative, up to three flash graphic narratives, or five comic strips.

We can only ship within the United States. Please include in the cover letter 1: The correct mailing address (print) or email address (digital) and 2: Which issue(s) or chapbook(s) you'd like to receive.

Digital: All issues and chapbooks are available.

Print: All copies of the magazine are sold out // All chapbooks are available.