Our Interests:

We have eclectic tastes and are open to many voices, forms, and styles. Please send your best fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic narratives, comic strips, artwork, and photography.

Simultaneous Submissions:

We hope you're pursuing simultaneous submissions, but please withdraw your piece if accepted elsewhere. If this is the case, we offer you a sturdy e-handshake and congratulations!

Multiple Submissions:

No problem. Send all you like.


We offer all contributors a complimentary copy and several discounted copies of their issue, a bio and photo in the contributors' section, and the support of a caring and hardworking editor!

Response Time:

Currently: a few days to a week. Palooka believes in having a fast turnaround while still taking great pride in reading every word and giving each piece thorough consideration.

Past Contributors:

We're only looking for work by authors and artists who haven't yet published with us.

Make your submission here and receive a half-off electronic issue or chapbook! Please indicate in your cover letter if your submission is fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, and please also indicate which issue or chapbook you would like to receive.

Amount: One short story, novel excerpt, or up to three flash pieces (combine the flash pieces into one document).

Word Count: Up to 10,000 words.
Amount: Up to five poems (combine into one document)
Amount: One essay, a nonfiction book excerpt, or up to three flash essays (combine the flash essays into one document).

Word Count: Up to 10,000 words.

Amount: One graphic narrative, up to three flash graphic narratives (combine into one document), or five comic strips (combine into one document). You can also include your website address with your bio.

Amount: Up to ten pieces -- painting, sketches, drawings, collage, mixed-media, etc. (combine into one document or zip file). You can also include your website address with your bio.

Amount: Up to ten photographs (combine into one document or zip file). You can also include your website address with your bio.